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What’s The Best Cheap Plastic Storage Sheds to Buy?

Plastic Storage Sheds

If you’re looking for some extra storage and don’t want to spend your whole budget then plastic storage sheds may be the solution your looking for. There are all kinds of storage sheds but they can cost more than your looking to pay.

In this article I’m going to look at the lower end plastic storage sheds and solutions to help you find an option that will fit your budget. There are several factors to consider when choosing which shed will solve your storage needs.

What are Plastic Storage Sheds Constructed From?

To begin there are a few types of plastic sheds that are labeled “plastic” such as “resin” or “vinyl” and these are very often simply referred to as “plastic”. However there are some differences between the three. The main differences are any plastic shed that is constructed from vinyl is considered to be fire retardant.

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Not all plastic storage sheds are fire retardant, if you’re looking for a fire retardant one check out what it’s made from before buying. Vinyl storage sheds are more sturdy and durable and don’t crack as easily and will be more resistant to weather conditions.

If you might consider an outdoor storage box as part of your storage needs you can read my article “What’s the Best Outdoor Waterproof Storage Box?” where I go over the different types and tips for choosing one, you can read it here.

The Pros and Cons of Plastic Storage Sheds

The Pros

– Durable… The nice perk to buying plastic storage units is they are long lasting and if anchored solidly they will provide years of maintenance free service.

– Wont’ Rot or Rust… You don’t need to worry about it rotting, rusting or insects eating it.

– DIY Friendly… This means you don’t have to spend all day setting-up your storage shed.

– Weather Resistance… Nearly all the plastic storage sheds are rated as “weather resistance” if you need a weatherproof shed you can easily make some adjustments and with a tube of silicon you can make yours waterproof.

The Cons

– Anchored… Will definitely need to be anchored to the foundation or it will be damaged by high winds. And depending on what you’re going to be storing in it you may need a foundation of some type.

– Poor Aesthetics… If you’re looking for something that’s aesthetically pleasing than “plastic” is not for you. If you wanting a good cheap storage solution than “plastic” will work fine.

– Limited Sizes… Whether you’re buying a “plastic”, “metal” or other pre-build shed you’re going to have to go with the sizes that are available. If you’re not sure what size storage shed your going to need to store all your stuff you can read my article “How do I Choose the Right Size Storage Shed?” where I go into detail the 5 steps for choosing the right size shed for you. You can read it here.

Do Plastic Storage Sheds Require Permits?

Usually you only need a permit if you’re going to be constructing a storage shed. If you’re going to be installing a concrete slab or other type of foundation for your plastic shed you may require a permit before doing so. It’s always a good idea to go and talk to your local building inspector for the current regulations regarding storage sheds in your area.

What to Look For in Plastic Sheds

– Size… Looks can be very deceiving, when shopping for one make sure you look at the actual dimensions of the unit not the cubic feet of storage. Also consider the actual inside measurements to make sure what your planning on storing will actually fit in. Many people use these types of sheds for storing their bikes, so double check the inside dimension and measure your bike to make sure it will fit.

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– Price… Are you getting what you need? Sometimes you don’t need the extra features that raise the price of the storage unit. Look for features that you need such as waterproof, or lockable.

– Appearance… The nice perk of a plastic storage shed is being lightweight and portable so you can take it with you when you move. If the appearance is important to you then choose something that will go with your homes design and landscaping.

Features You can Upgrade To

– Waterproof.

– Windows.

– Reinforced Structure.

– Strong Flooring.

– Reinforced Door.

– Built-in Shelf Supports.

– Ventilation.

– Shelving.

– Skylights.

– Security Locks.

What are The Best Cheap Plastic Storage Sheds to Buy?

Here are my recommendations for good inexpensive plastic storage sheds.

Keter Boston Outdoor Storage CabinetNumber 1] Keter Boston Outdoor Storage Cabinet

This multi-purpose outdoor storage cabinet will provide storage for any outdoor area. It’s well thought out design and sturdy frame construction with a built-in shelfing system and 2 hinged doors for easy access to all your items.

This storage unit won’t break the bank and can be set-up anywhere that you need some storage, while it’s actually not a storage shed it will provide some needed storage options.


– Durable resin construction.

– Custom made roof for long-lasting in all weather conditions.

– Custom seal to ensure no dust and humidity enter.

– Three completely adjustable shelves.

– Fast and easy to assemble.

– Approx. 28 inches wide, 19 ½ inches deep and 70 inches tall.

This storage unit sells for around $130 and will blend in nicely on a deck or pool side. You can get the current price here on Amazon.

Number 2] Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Shed

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage ShedIdeal storage unit to protect your outdoor valuables, designed for the rigors of the outdoors and will stand up to most weather conditions. Perfect for storing bikes, tools, lawn equipment and much more.


– Available in an assortment of sizes and slide-lid.

– Comes in 2 great colors: Faint Maple and Brown.

– Double wall construction.

– Impact resistant floor.

– Available in low profile.

– Slide-lid option uses strong rollers.

– Uses cane-bolt mechanism to securely keep doors and slide closed.

Has 134 customer reviews and 79 answered questions and a user rating of 4/5. A great addition for your backyard storage needs. You can read the customer reviews and see all the options for this versatile storage unit here on Amazon.

Number 3] Woodbridge Vinyl Storage Shed

Woodbridge Vinyl Storage ShedThe WoodBridge will provide you with a great all-round storage solution, providing 480 cubic feet of storage and being a vinyl shed will provides years of service.


– Walk in thru the large double doors.

– Reinforced with metal that gives the shed its strength and ability to install shelving and hooks for all your garden tools.

– Its large size means it can also double as a hobby or craft room.

– You can buy the shed floor kit.

– It is 10 feet wide and 8 feet deep and features 91 inches of interior height space.

– Double doors can be locked for added security.

– Can withstand 20 pounds per square foot snow load.

– Durable vinyl construction will not rust and is very resistance to damage and insects won’t be eating it.

– Won’t need any painting.

– Easy assembly.

– 15 year warranty.

This is one of the better quality plastic storage sheds and the price is around $825 which is very low for what you’re getting. Check it out here on Amazon.

Number 4] Rubbermaid Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage Cabinet

Rubbermaid Four-Shelf Double-Door Resin Storage CabinetHere’s a great 4 shelf, 4 door resin storage cabinet, it’s excellent for sorting and storing all kinds of things. Lightweight and easy to snap together assembly and it won’t warp, rust, get eaten by insects and won’t ever need to be painted.


– Come in 2 sizes.

– Double door design that is fully lockable.

– Can store up to 690 pounds.

– Constructed from high-density polyethylene.

– No tools needed to assemble.

– It’s 36 inches wide, 72 inches in height and 18 inches deep.

– Has a lifetime warranty.

Has 351 customer reviews and 62 answered questions, you can get the current price and read the reviews here on Amazon.

Number 5] Suncast Everett Storage Shed

This is constructed from all-weather resin and is a great choice for one of the better quality plastic storage sheds. It has a wood grain finish and a simulated shingle roof.

Suncast Everett Storage ShedFeatures:

– Great for storage of step ladders, bikes and your garden tools.

– Multi-wall construction for long lasting service.

– Strong reinforced floor that can support a riding lawnmower.

– Has built-in windows in the doors to allow light to come in.

– Doors have hasps to allow for locking it securely.

– Very low maintenance and very easy to keep clean.

– Assembles with normal tools.

This unit has 74 customer reviews and 68 answered questions and a user rating of 4.3/5. Read the reviews and get the current price here on Amazon.


Who says cheap plastic storage sheds are junk, there a good option to get storage and still have some money left over for other things. If you found my article helpful give it a share.