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What’s The Best Outdoor Waterproof Storage Box?

Outdoor Waterproof Storage Box

Having a waterproof storage box for your garden tools, kid’s toys and especially a waterproof place to store your chair cushions keeps your items dry and helps the yard look much neater. Sure it’s great to have a big storage shed for storing your outdoor tools, but who wants to put their cooking utensils and chair cushions with the gas mower.

The best waterproof storage box will be of course waterproof, durable, maintenance free and can also be used as a place to sit. Sure there are lots of outdoor benches you could use for sitting and storing stuff, but the best solution is a waterproof box.

In this article I’m going to go over the basic types of outdoor storage boxes, the types of materials used in the construction, the benefits of a waterproof storage box and how to choose a good quality storage box. I’m also going to take a look at the top 5 waterproof storage boxes on Amazon.

The Basic Types of Outdoor Storage Boxes

The great thing is that there is a large assortment available, so you’ll be able to choose one that fits in with your surroundings, your storage needs and your price range. Before buying determine the size you need or if you want to buy several for different storage solutions you have.

There are boxes that also can be used as benches with side arms and cushions to provide storage and extra seating. I love that you can use the storage box as a place to put deck stuff that won’t use up any more space for seating on small decks and patios.

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You can also get larger storage boxes for storing your bigger items like bikes, lawn equipment and the storage box will keep these items dry and by adding a lock will keep them secure too.

Let’s Look at Materials Used in Waterproof Storage Boxes

Just like choosing which type you want you can also choose the material it’s made of. Most of the outdoor waterproof boxes and benches are made from heavy duty resin [plastic] which makes them an ideal choice for wet areas.

Plastic units do well around pools and in areas where they are exposed to the elements. They are also very lightweight and portable which is a great feature… However they can be subject to the sun’s rays and fade and the bigger issue I see is the wind can blow them around, I just use some heavy concrete paving blocks in the bottom to keep them from being blown around.

Wood constructed outdoor storage boxes can provide a very stunning finish and are typically made from cedar and teak. These are a good choice if the exterior of your home is finished with wood or wood accents. While wood can be very rustic it is more costly than the other options. If you’re going to use it on a nice wood deck than you’re going to want to use a wood storage unit that will blend in giving you’re a more rustic feel.

Resin outdoor storage boxes are another good choice for the wide variety of color choices and there very cost effective, especially if you getting a larger outdoor storage box.

Wicker steps you up to the more sophisticated option and I particular like the way they add depth and texture to the storage box. They also come in a variety of colors and styles and there reasonably priced.

Build it yourself. If you’re handy with tools you can build your very own waterproof storage box. I have made 100’s of different storage sheds and many smaller wood projects for outside use. The secret to building your own outdoor projects is having a good set of plans.

The plans should provide you with step-by-step instructions, cutting and material lists, detailed schematics, all the angle views and be usable for beginners. I’m going to recommend you take a look at “Ted’s Woodworking” that provides 1000’s of detailed plans for building, instruction videos and there are 100’s of plans for building outdoor projects, too much to list here. You can check out Ted’s Woodworking Plans here for yourself.

Let’s Go Over Some Benefits of Outdoor Storage Boxes

The biggest benefit is being able to store your outdoor stuff outside and not have to drag in everything into the house. If you’re an avid Gardner you’ll love the fact that you can use a vertical waterproof storage box nearby your garden and have access to your garden tools and supplies nearby.

If you have a pool you can use a bench storage box to keep your pool supplies where there needed, by the pool and the great thing is you can get lockable boxes that will store your stuff and also be used as a bench for guests to sit on, and being watertight waters not going to get inside.

Another Huge benefit is not needing a permanent structure to store your stuff and the boxes are small enough and lightweight enough to be moved to wherever you need them. And if you’re renting or moving you can take them with you.

If you have kids and pets you’re not going to want them to have access to any fertilizers and pesticides or your small gardening tools.

What to Look For in a Waterproof Storage Box

When shopping for a waterproof storage box you’ll have a good selection of options to choose from. To help make your decision easier use these guidelines.

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– Get a storage box that’s going to be large enough to store the items you need stored.

– Make sure that the construction is such that it will remain waterproof in severe weather conditions.

– Read the reviews before ordering and look for one that is quick to set-up, any recommendations I will make will be from Amazon, this way you can read the customer reviews and answered questions before purchasing.

– Be sure the storage box you’re considering is made from long lasting material, so you’ll get years of trouble free use out of it.

– I like to use storage boxes that are lightweight and portable that way I can put them in the garage over the winter. If you’re going to get than one try to pick a design that stacks easily.

– Try to get a storage box that can serve several purposes… Storage, seating and can be used as a serving table if needed.

– Having a storage box that can be locked is a good idea and gives protection to the items you put in them.

Let’s Take a Look at Some Waterproof Storage Boxes

Suncast 22 Gallon Deck Storage Box***The first one*** is the “Suncast 22 Gallon Deck Storage Box”.

–  This is a beautiful storage box for your deck, yard or wherever you need some waterproof storage.

– Very durable poly resin construction that is fade resistance, easy to wipe down for years of service.

– Versatile storage for your pool equipment, toys, barbecue supplies, gardening supplies and much more.

– Lid is hinged for easy access to the stored items. Lid is slightly sloped so rain water runs off preventing water pooling.

– Great size and price so you can get more than one if needed.

Has 18 customer reviews and 11 answered questions and has a user rating of 4.9/5. You can check out the customer reviews and get the current price here on Amazon.

Suncast Elements Loveseat with Storage***The second one*** is the “Suncast Elements Loveseat with Storage”.

– Comes in 3 great color choices: White, Taupe and Java.

– Cozy love seat with built-in storage for accessories and seating for 2.

– Made from multi-wall resin and withstands dents, warps and rust.

– Java wicker pattern to enhance your exterior decor.

– Designed for ergonomically cushion for added comfort.

– All-weather means easy to maintain, waterproof and resistance to staining.

It has 241 customer reviews and 63 answered questions and has a user rating of 4.3/5. You can check out the customer reviews and get the current price here on Amazon

Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box ***The third is*** the “Keter Westwood Plastic Deck Storage Container Box

– 2 color choices: Brown or Grey.

– Constructed from very durable UV resin providing years of abuse against the harsh elements and daily use.

– 150 gallon capacity with natural wood finish and texturing.

– Uses a flat lid that has an easy to open lid.

– Room for 2 to sit.

– Can be locked easily with a padlock giving you added security while your away and to keeps kids from getting into pool supplies.

This one has 795 customer reviews and 160 answered questions and it has a user rating of 4.4/5, you can check out what people are saying about it here on Amazon.

Suncast Elements Coffee Table with Storage***The fourth is the***Suncast Elements Coffee Table with Storage”.

– 3 color choices: White, Taupe and Java.

– Provides 30 gallons of storage and a table top.

– Uses the multi wall resin durable construction for long life.

– Wicker pattern that will enhance your deck or pool side.

– Sturdy hinged lid that ensures ease of use.

– Perfect height for coffee table use.

– Easy to mix and match with other Suncast pieces to create your very own outdoor living area.

It has an impressive 401 customer reviews and 85 answered questions and a user rating of 4.1/5. Read the reviews and answered questions here on Amazon.

Keter Circa Natural Wood Style Round Outdoor Storage Table***The fifth one is the*** “Keter Circa Natural Wood Style Round Outdoor Storage Table”.

– 37 gallon storage capacity.

– Natural wood look finish.

– Provides seating for one adult if needed.

– The built-in handle makes moving a snap.

– Super simple set-up requiring no tools.

– Will support up to 308 pounds.

– Waterproof and UV protected.

– 2 year limited warranty.

With 364 customer reviews and 63 answered questions and a user rating of 4.6/5 it’s definitely an impressive piece. You can see all the details here on Amazon.


Having outdoor storage that will keep your items dry is certainty a bonus and with the 5 waterproof storage boxes I have looked at you’ll be able to create your own unique outdoor living area. You can see Amazon’s full line of outdoor waterproof storage boxes here on Amazon.