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The Top 6 Best Outdoor Bike Storage Sheds

Bike Storage Sheds

After spending $1000’s on your bike you’re going to want to make sure you have a secure bike storage shed to keep it locked away safely. Most bikers have to keep their bikes inside the house to keep it secure and sometimes that’s really inconvenient especially if it’s dirty and there’s more than one bike.

There are many reasons for wanting to secure your bike and keep them stored out of the weather. Whatever your reason a bike storage shed is the solution. In this article I’m going to look at choosing a good location to put the bike storage unit and looking at how to choose the best storage unit. I’m also going to be looking at the 6 top outdoor bike storage sheds.

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Choosing The Best Location to Put The Storage Unit

There are 2 factors to consider when choosing the best location to put you bicycle storage shed:

– Accessibility… You’ll want to have the unit somewhere that’s going to be easy for you to get too, but will be difficult for any thief’s to see and get access to.

– Visibility… Also find a spot that’s going to be visible from the inside of your home, that way a quick look outside to ensure that the unit is untouched. It also lets you keep an eye out for any unwanted activity. Having the unit in plain sight of your home will be a great deterrent for anyone who wants to break-in and steal your bike.

Choosing Your Bicycle Storage Shed

Every storage unit will have different options and you’ll want to take into consideration your budget, the location of the storage shed and how many bikes need to be stored in it. Also think about the future, will it have enough room for more bikes later? Let’s take a look at the three factors for choosing one.

– Size… There are many options when it comes to shapes and sizes, with the smaller options providing storage for one or two bikes. If your needing a storage solution for several bikes and perhaps a place to clean and work on your bikes a larger storage shed may be the answer.

Another advantage to having a larger unit is its more secure and not going to be stolen and can provide some extra storage for other items as well.

– Materials… Options are buying a shed made from wood, plastic or metal. The perks of plastic are it won’t rust, rot or be eaten by insects, but not as secure as a wood shed. Wood will need to be maintained regularly and will be the strongest and securest option. Metal also won’t be subject to rust, rot or insects but can cost more.

Another option is to build you own storage shed that you can customize to suit your needs, if this is something you may consider take a look at my article “Is It Cheaper to Buy a Shed or Build it Yourself?” where I got over the various types of sheds and the pros and cons of each. You can read the article here.

– Price… Again there’s several good options depending on your budget, and will also depend on what type of security your looking for and how much your bikes are worth. Let’s take a look at the 6 best bike storage options [In my opinion].

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The Top 6 Best Outdoor Bike Storage Sheds

Number 1]… YardStash Vinyl Storage Tent

YardStash Vinyl Storage TentWell I would have to say that this vinyl storage tent is the least expensive and the biggest eyesore option. If you need a plain Jane cheap bike storage solution, this is it. Very compact and fast to set up and will provide storage for a couple of bikes protected from the weather. Its quick set-up and take down makes it an excellent choice if you’re travelling and need quick storage.


– 10 Minute set-up.

– Sturdy metal frame.

– Upper mesh vent for air circulation.

– Waterproof material.

– Designed to let snow slide off.

– Green color to blend in with trees and grass.

– Big zipper for easy opening and closing.

– Very compact for easy storage.

– 74 inches wide, 32 inches in depth and 68 inches tall.

Much more affordable than a plastic, wood or metal storage solution, it’s also tear proof and provides dry storage and UV protection. Also doubles as storage for other items and is guaranteed for long life. It has 143 customer reviews and 71 answered questions and a user rating of 4.3/5. You can get all the info and read the reviews here on Amazon.

Number 2]… Bosemere Bicycle Storage Unit

Bosemere Bicycle Storage UnitWhen it comes to a bike storage shed Bosmere is ahead of the pack offering the safest and longest lasting units. With its unique design that provides ease of operation with practicality and giving you high security for your bikes, there safe inside the unit.


– Unique PVC coating of galvanized steel finish.

– Can store 3 bikes.

– Two separate padlock locations for maximum security.

– Spring assisted door.

– All metal construction.

– Can be bolted into place for added security.

– Stainless steel fittings.

– 15 year anti-corrosion guarantee.

The only down side I can see is it’s going to require 2 people to put it together only because the pieces are made from heavy gauge steel. Has easy step-by-step instruction manual. If you need a secure place to store your expensive bikes this unit is the answer. You can check it out and get all the information here on Amazon.

Number 3]… Suncast Stow Bike Storage Shed

Suncast Horizontal Storage ShedAnother great storage option for bikes and it works well for garbage cans and other items; the nice thing I like about this particularly unit is the open top design. Which means you get full access to storage space without having to bend over or fight to get your bike in or out. This unit will require a floor or if you have a concrete space it will be perfect.


– 70 cubic feet of storage.

– Large door opening 63 ½ inches by 46 ½ inches.

– Constructed from durable resin panels.

– Lid has gas shocks for easy lifting.

– The lid and two doors have a locking system for maximum security.

– Very easy installation.

This storage unit has 299 customer reviews and 165 answered questions and a user rating of 4.2/5. Two great color choices of “Vanilla” or “Stoney” making it blend into most decors, you can read the reviews and get all the information here on Amazon.

Number 4]… Bosmer Wooden Lockable Storage Unit

Bosmer Wooden Lockable Storage UnitThis is a great choice if you want something more natural looking and looks like a typical garden shed and will blend in with most anything landscape. Its design lets you place it up against a building or fence to take up as less useable space as possible while providing a secure place to store your bikes.


– Can also be used for storing other items.

– Both doors are lockable.

– Constructed from ½ inch cladding with a pre-finished honey brown look.

– Its 72 inches wide, 64 inches high and 32 inches deep.

This can be put together by one person with basic tools, the manufacturer suggests you have a helper and you’ll need a hammer, drill and bits for assembly. Has 18 customer reviews and 13 answered questions, this unit is sold as a kit. Check it out here on Amazon.

Number 5]… DuraMax Metal Bicycle Shed

DuraMax Metal Bicycle ShedThis bike storage shed is the top gun of bike sheds; it’s also the most durable and offers the most room. It has grooved walls constructed of steel and has the room to store four bikes at the same time. The greatest feature of this unit is the four completely adjustable tracks that keep the bikes upright.

This prevent having to lean bikes together which can cause scratching, this is certainly the main selling point of the bike shed.


– Durable and rugged hot dipped painted galvanized steel construction.

– Doors are lockable and the full width of shed.

– Much thicker metal than any other bike storage shed.

– Ready to be assembled.

– 8-year warranty.

If you’re looking for the best, look no further. Check it out here on Amazon.

Number 6]… Keter Manor Storage Shed

Keter Resin Storage ShedThis can store up to three bikes with walk-in design it also can be used for other storage. It also offers good ventilation allowing your bikes to dry if you store them wet and it also prevents mold from forming in the shed.

This shed is maintenance free other than spaying it with a garden hose to rinse off dust. As compared to metal sheds that rust and wood sheds that need regular upkeep. The only bad thing is it’s only available in light grey.


– Access is great with its open the door and walk in.

– Has a window to allow light inside.

– Constructed out of durable resin and is very resistant to weather.

– Attractive design blends into most yards.

– Lockable door latch for increased security.

It has 218 customer reviews and 162 answered questions and is priced very reasonable. You can read the reviews and get the current price here on Amazon


You spend a lot of money on your bikes so having a safe, secure dry place to store them will keep them looking new for years to come. There are more options for bike storage sheds, but I have only shown the 6 best ones. Thanks for reading and if you found the article helpful give it a share.

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