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10 Tips on How to Organize Your Storage Shed

How to Organize Your Storage Shed

It doesn’t seem to matter how big a storage shed is there’s never enough space for all the stuff. If you know how to organize your storage shed you’ll be quite surprised at how much stuff you can get in and still be able to get to it without having to move stuff every time.

What does the inside of your shed look like? Can you walk in and get something without tripping over stuff or have to move things out to reach it. Seems no matter what there’s never enough room… In this article I’m going to look at 10 things you can do so you’ll get your shed back!

Once your shed is organized you’ll be able to find what you want without having to search for it or climb over other stuff to get to it. Let’s take a look at how to organize your storage shed:

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10 Ways to Organize Your Storage Shed

Number 1] Use Heavy Duty Wall Hooks… These heavy duty single and double hooks are perfect for organizing heavier bulkier items like ladders, push mowers, bicycles and other heavy item that can be stored on the wall.

Also great for hanging step ladders, gas and electric trimmers, extension cords and the double hooks are perfect for garden tools. It’s a good idea to mount the wall hooks into the studs used for framing. What I do is I mount a 2×4 across the studs and then mount the hooks to the 2×4, this allows you to move the hooks as close as possible maximizing the wall space.

CoolYeah Steel Garage Storage Utility Double HooksI’m going to recommend the “CoolYeah Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks”.

– This set comes with 8 double hooks with extended reach and also has an anti-slip coating for positive mounting and each hook is rated for 40 pounds.

– This set also has several different sizes for hanging everything up and out of the way. I also put some hooks on the outside of my shed under the overhang for items I use all the time.

– Easy installation and the kit comes with screws and wall plugs for other applications, if you’re going to be using them for hanging heavy items upgrade the screw to 2 or 3 inch and remember to attach them to the wall studs or 2×4 rail.

– The hooks themselves are constructed from heavy duty steel and the anti-slip covering is made from strong PVC.

– What I love about these is they come with a Lifetime Replacement and Refund Guarantee.

The CoolYeah Steel Garage Storage Utility Double Hooks have 86 customer reviews and 17 answered questions and a user rating of 4.7/5. You can read the reviews see the hooks here on Amazon.

Number 2] Magnetic Bar… These are great for holding odd shaped tools that are made out of metal. They come in an assortment of sizes and strength and there are even magnetic tool trays, flexible magnetic holders and other types. Be sure to choose the right size bar that’s going to be strong enough for the tools your hanging. You can see Amazon’s full line here.

Number 3] Peg Board… Another very common favorite is using peg board and hooks, I love peg board simply because it can be cut to fit any sized space and great if you have odd ball spots that won’t fit anything big. When installing your pegboard make a frame out of 2x2s for it, you may need to place some horizontal 2x2s for added support if the size is large.

Gracious Living 4 Medium Duty ShelfNumber 4] Shelving… Having shelving space allows for storage along a wall and provides access to everything at once. If you have a wall space that’s open a quick easy to make shelving unit can be made out of framing material. Depending on how deep of shelving you require you can use 2x6s, 2x8s and even 2x10s.

I make these quite often and if you use the wider 2x8s or 2x10s you can make your shelving unit pretty wide, seeing how it’s all made from thick material it will be very strong. Another option if your needing free standing shelving is using premade snap together free standing shelving unit.

Another great place to use a freestanding shelving unit is in front of a window which allows the light to come thru while providing a storage place.

I love these “Gracious Living 4 Medium Duty Shelf” units that just snap together and offer:

– No tools required to assemble.

– Each shelving unit can hold up to 100 pounds of stuff,

– You can interconnect units together to make larger storage units.

Another plus with these units is you can buy them in singles or in packs of 2, 3 and 4. This storage unit has 311 customer reviews and 50 answered questions with a user rating of 4.2/5. You can see them here on Amazon. Not quite what you looking for you can check out Amazons full line of outdoor shelving units and storage on Amazon here.

Number 5] Use Jars… Everyone has jars around their home and we also have all kinds of small items to store. I love using jars for storing nails, screws, electrical connectors and all kinds of nick knacks. The nice thing about jars is you can see what’s in them; even if you don’t remember what you put in them a quick glance will refresh your memory.

Having some jars on a window ledge or at the back of a workbench keeps them in view. You can also attach the lids to a shelf bottom and then screw the jar into place. Just remember to get a good hold on the jar when unscrewing it.

Rubbermaid Totes Number 6] Rubbermaid Storage Containers… These are perfect for storing garden chemicals such as pesticides, bug sprays and anything that’s flammable. Using clear Rubbermaid storage containers are ideal for this kind of stuff. Rubbermaid has some real heavy duty storage totes for anything you want secure.

Just be sure to label the totes, I just use painters masking tape and write on it, that way I don’t damage the totes with permanent markers. Amazon has a Hugh assortment of Rubbermaid totes for all your storage needs; you can check them out here on Amazon.

Here are some tips for storing chemicals:

– Leave the chemicals in the container you bought them in.

– Make sure you store them away from direct sunlight.

– Store them up high so there out of reach of kids and pets.

– Store fertilizers and gas for your mower in a well ventilated area of your shed.

Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hose HangerNumber 7] Organize Hoses and Cords… Another tip on how to organize your storage shed is to hang up your hoses and power cords that way they won’t be all tangled up when you come to use them. I have a couple of hose caddy’s to keep the hoses stored neatly, one the house and one on the garden shed.

You can also use these caddies to store extension cords inside your shed; I use one on the outside of the garden shed to keep my 100 foot extension cord stored out of the way and when I come to use it it’s not all tangled up.

I’m going to recommend the “Yard Butler Deluxe Heavy Duty Wall Mount Hose Hanger”.

– Comes in 4 colors: Blue, Green, Purple and Weathered Verdigris.

– Your choice of 3 styles: Classic, Floral and Spiral.

– Heavy duty powdered coated steel.

– No risk satisfaction guarantee. [Not happy return for full refund].

Has 504 customer reviews and 28 answered questions and a user rating of 4.6/5. It’s also an “Amazons Choice“. Check it out here on Amazon and pick your style and color.

Number 8] Hang Some Tools on Outside of Shed… This is a great storage idea, the backside of the door and the outside walls make perfect places to install tool hanging racks. You can make you own tool hanging rack with a 2×4 and some ¾ inch doweling.

Drill some holes at the spaces you need on about 30 degrees and then cut some doweling and insert it into the holes and then attack the 2×4 to shed. Works great and you can even paint it to match the color of your shed. Or you can see Amazons full line of tool hanging racks here.

Multipurpose Work BenchNumber 9] Build a Bench… This is a great way to have a usable bench to work on and use the underside for storage. The beauty of having a shed is it not only provides storage it also can be a place to work in.

You can build your own work bench with some 2x4s and plywood for under $200 bucks. If not you can check out this cool bench on Amazon here.

Number 10] Make Some Air Vents… If you’re going to be using your storage shed for storing lawnmowers and gas and other chemicals be sure to add some air vents. These are easy to make with chicken wire or screen if you want to keep the bugs out.

Most sheds will have a window for light and if you want to can get a window that opens, just be sure it has a screen.


This is the top 10 tips on how to organize your storage shed, and most of them you can do yourself. There are other things you can do as well like putting an addition onto your shed if you have the room or you can build yourself a bigger shed.

Ryans Shed Plans

Depending on what time of shed you have you could have some storage space in the attic that you could use. I have installed an exterior opening door into the gable end of my shed and now you can store things that you don’t use a lot. You may need to put some pieces of scrape plywood down first to make an area to put stuff. Thanks for having a look at my article and be sure to share if you like it!