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5 Clever and Smart Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Ideas

Garbage Can Storage Unit

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What is your current garbage can storage method? I’ll bet you fed-up of looking at those garbage cans along the side of your house. Not having a good garbage can storage place will attract birds, especially those loud crows and ravens, not to mention other critters getting into your garbage and spreading it all over the place.

Perhaps you’re searching for a solution for a good way to keep your garbage cans secured and you’re not really interested in building a garbage can storage shed yourself. I know where your coming from and don’t have the time right now to build a garbage storage structure. I have been looking around on line and there are many good units at a fair price.

Ryans Sheds Plans

What to Look For in a Garbage Can Storage Unit.

There are 5 things to consider before buying a garbage can storage unit so when you buy you get exactly what you need for your situation.

– Cost… Before you begin your search you should know how much you want to spend and you can break it down into 2 choices, the first is the amount your willing to spend on the right garbage can storage unit. The second is what’s the most your willing to pay on the ideal unit; this will give you a bit of flexibility in your budget.

– Size… Having the right size storage unit is very important; decide on what size you’re going to need for your garbage cans and have place to store your recycling bins. It’ a good idea to get something that’s bigger then you need to allow for future needs.

– Material… What type of material do you want your storage unit made from? The 2 most common materials are wood and plastic. While plastic garbage can storage units generally cost less, they’re not a study as the ones made out of wood. The wooden ones a stronger and will do well in areas that get a lot of snow. The downside of wood is you’re going to have to redo the finish every few years.

– Appearance… This may not be a big issue, but your neighbors may want to keep the neighborhood to a certain standard. It’s better to get one that will blend in with your home and area where you’re going to keep it.

– How Many Doors… This will depend on the size you need and how many garbage cans and recycling bins you have. Many units have double doors and the top will lift for added convenience. The more doors will mean a higher cost, and you’ll want something that’s easy to open and close so everyone in your family can use it.

Also consider if you want to use it to store other things like bikes, lawn equipment or other items. If you are than you may need to get something that’s big enough to store everything.

5 Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Units to Consider

Suncast Outdoor Storage Shed for Garbage CansNumber 1]… The “Suncast Outdoor Storage Shed for Garbage Cans” here’s a great garbage can storage unit that will hold 2 large garbage cans or other items you need stored.

– Huge 70 cubic feet of storage.

– Double wall construction.

– Easy opening lid with gas shocks to assist opening.

– Easily stores two 96 gallon garbage cans.

– Heavy duty reinforced floor.

– Low profile fits next to your home or anywhere else you want.

– 2 door locking that can be locked with a padlock if you’re storing valuable items.

It’s an “Amazons Choice” and has 291 customer reviews with 160 answered questions and a user rating of 4.2/5. Read the reviews and get the current price here on Amazon.

Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage ShedNumber 2]… The “Rubbermaid Outdoor Horizontal Storage Shed” A nice storage unit that is leak resistance and constructed out of a very durable resin. Providing 32 cubic feet for storing smaller garbage cans or recycling bins or any other items that need protection.

– 2 doors for easy access.

– Made with double wall construction.

– Includes floor mat.

– Fast assembly… 7 pieces assembled with normal tools.

– Can easily add a shelf to customize the interior to suit your needs.

– For more security simple padlock the doors.

This Rubbermaid storage unit has 959 customer reviews and 296 answered questions, it’s also a “Amazons Choice” with a user rating of 3.9/5. Read the reviews and get all the details on Amazon here.

Nova Natural Privacy Screen ConcealerNumber 3]… If you’re looking for a nice privacy screen to hide your unsightly garbage cans then the “Nova Natural Privacy Screen Concealer” is an excellent choice. It’s very decorative design is perfect to conceal garbage cans, air conditioner units, compose piles or anything else you want to keep from the line of sight.

– 4 panels and 5 support posts.

– Steel posts have a durable powder cost finish.

– Panels are constructed out of long lasting resin.

– Complete unit weighs in at 26 pounds.

– Panel design allows for different arrangements.

– Very easy to maintain.

– Can cover up to 8 feet x 44 inches in height.

You can see all the details and get the current price here on Amazon.

Leisure Zone Outdoor Wooden Storage ShedNumber 4]… The “Leisure Zone Outdoor Wooden Storage Shed” is a solid wood garbage can storage solution that’s constructed from “fir”. The top opens and with the double doors in the front certainly makes access a breeze. If you live in a place that gets a lot of snow then you’ll love this solid wood constructed storage shed.

It’ made to last for years and will withstand any outdoor weather conditions, to protect against high winds it’s always a good idea to anchor your shed to the ground or against the side of your house. Let’s look at some features:

– It’s natural color blends in with your home.

– Fir wood is strong and durable.

– It will fit 2 garbage cans.

– Each door has a separate locking hasp.

– Front doors are wide to fit most garbage cans and recycling bins.

–  Can be opened from the front doors or the top opens.

– It’s 59 inches long, 33.8 inches wide and 46.8 inches in height.

You can check it out here on Amazon.

DIY Garbage Can Storage Box

Number 5]… Build your own garbage can storage box; this is a great option and will save you on an expensive pre-made unit. There are 2 main types you can build yourself.

Dumpster Type… So there’s nothing out there that’s large enough to fit your supersized garbage can. You can just build you own unit to the exact size you need! All you’ll need is some pieces of material a saw, drill and screwdrivers and a square. You can buy door assist hydraulic piston hinges to assist with opening the lid.

Simple Lean-To Type… Maybe you don’t that big monster dumpster style storage box; a very basic lean-to type will do the job. This can be constructed with the same basic tools and materials to build the dumpster type.

Ryans Shed Plans

As with building a shed type whether it’s a large storage shed or a small garbage can storage structure it all begins with having a good set of plans that provides easy to follow plans, complete material list and step-by-step instructions.

I’m going to recommend “Ryan’s Shed Plans” for all your outdoor projects. If your wanting to build your own sheds and other outdoor projects then these plans will save you $100’s on labor costs. See them here for yourself.

Outdoor Trash Hidden Garbage Can

Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash CanLet’s take a look at the “Suncast 33 Gallon Outdoor Trash Can” which is ideal to set out on your deck or pool side and keeps you deck or pool side neat and tidy.

– Your choice of Brown or Taupe and it fits in perfectly with other Suncast outdoor furniture.

– Its constructed from durable resin.

– Lid closes securely, so you don’t need to be concerned about having the wind blowing trash all over your yard.

– The lid is secure enough to keep out other critters and rain.

– Perfect for when your entertaining friends and family on the deck or pool side and having a outdoor garbage bin means nobody has to go into the house.

– It’s 15.75 inches x 16 inches x 31.6 inches tall.

With 134 customer reviews and 23 answered questions and a user rating of 4.6/5 you’ll be very happy with it, you can check it out here on Amazon.

Securing Your Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Unit

Nearly all the garbage can storage unit are made from lightweight materials it’s recommended that you secure them in place. A great way to anchor them is by adding a couple concrete paying blocks on the bottom.

Most of the units have anchoring points built-in into the unit; check the owner’s manual for recommendations for securing the unit in place. Remember that each type of foundation or base may require a different means of anchoring.


As you can see there are many different types of outdoor garbage can storage units available and the option to build you own can be very satisfying. I like the fact that nearly all the makers have a full line of other outdoor furniture that keeps your outdoor decor matched. Thanks for reading my article.

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