How to Make Your Very Own She Shed Getaway

She Shed

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Men have “Man Caves” that leaves a “She Shed” for the women. A she shed gives the lady a place to go to escape the stresses of everyday living and to enjoy their hobby, whether it be gardening, exercising or making crafts or just a place to put their feet up and have a glass of wine or a cup of hot tea.

In this article I’m going to look at how you can make your very own she shed, whether it’s turning an older or existing shed into a fantastic she shed! Or if you’re going to build one from a shed kit.

What Exactly is a She Shed?

As the name implies it can be a place where a women gets away from family life for a while. The she shed is designed with women in mind and men won’t find a she shed very appealing simple because of its feminine design and typically uses bold colors to bring a relaxing atmosphere.

Your options can be a simple as transforming an old shed in the backyard into their own place. You can also buy kits and build your very own she shed. If you ever get a chance to go to Pinterest and search for “she sheds” you find 1000’s of intriguing designs and ideas that you can use when you’re making your very own she shed.

You’re going to have almost endless things that you turn that old shed into. Some turn their she shed into their very own office space, an art studio, gym and just a place to get away from it all. With the many different kits you’ll be able to turn your old shed into the dream she shed without having to break the bank to do it.

Check out some garage sales, flea markets and some antique stores to find some great treasures for decorating your shed with lots of unique items. When you use your shed as a place to have a quiet time you won’t have the distractions of kids and the endless to do list in the house.

8 Tips to Make Your She Shed Yours!

She sheds are becoming a much more common backyard site giving the man caves some good competition. These 8 tips will get you on your way to having the she shed that’s made just for you.

1] Empty Out That Old Shed… Do you have an old shed that’s needed a complete clean out and upgrade? Making your own she shed will finally be the perfect opportunity to clean that shed out and begin the transformation for your own she shed! If you don’t have an old shed you can get a kit and build one for yourself.

Gingerbread DIY Playhouse KitHere’s a pretty nice kit… The “Gingerbread DIY Playhouse Kit” it comes in 3 sizes 8×8, 8×10 and 8×12. The kit includes…

– Curved wood trusses.

– Paneled wall sections.

– Gingerbread trims all precut.

– 2 working windows made from safety glass and come with screens.

– Flower boxes.

– Child’s door.

– Adult door on side.

– Optional deck.

You can check it out here on Amazon.

2] Apply Some Fresh Paint… Spend a few hours preparing the outside of the shed for some paint. Scrape and fill holes and give it a good coat of primer and follow that with 2 coats of paint, use some different colors for the doors and windows and trims. Pick colors that you love and create a unique shed.

If the inside is in pretty good shape you can give it a couple coats of a light color paint to brighten it up. Use some different colors for the door and windows and you can even give the floor a couple coats of good floor paint. You’d be surprised what some paint will do to give your she shed some character.

3] Determine Your She Sheds Purpose… The whole purpose of a she shed is for you to have a place that’s for your use for doing hobbies or creating your very own getaway.

4] Look Around For Unique Finds… You don’t have to spend a whole pile of money when it comes to decorating your shed. Check out local garage sales, flea markets and any antique shops in your area. Picking up an old door that can be used to make a bench or cut to make some pretty cool looking shelving.

Using some old wooden chairs that you can repaint or recover with newer fabric can provide inexpensive seating and add some character to your sheds interior. We have a swap shed at our local transfer station and you can find lots of treasures that other folks have dropped off; this also helps the environment by reusing these items instead of filling the landfill with them.

Photo by Elizabeth House & Garden

5] Give Your Shed a Boost With Nature… Sometimes you’ll want to have your shed fit in with your environment. Having a remote place and having natural plants growing around the shed, as well use flower boxes and hangings to really make a tranquil setting. You can also have lots of indoor plants and use freshly picked flowers to give the inside of your shed some nice aromas.

6] Make a Warm and Inviting Entrance… Another way to make your shed much more inviting is to make a very inviting entrance. This is especially important if you’re going to be having friends over to visit you in your she shed. You can add a homemade lantern or some led lights to create a very homey and inviting feeling for your guests.

7] Set up Your She Shed for Entertaining… Now you can set up your shed to have some girl’s nights out, set up a small bar fridge and fill it up with your favorite cold drinks and wine. Also consider adding a fire pit outside and set up some lawn chairs. Check out Amazon’s full line of fire pits here.

8] Make it a Reflection of Yourself… Your shed should reflex your interests and be designed to suit your needs. Being your shed means there’s no rules to follow it’s all about you! If you have small children you can keep them in mind when you’re setting up the shed. It can be a play area and your escape at the same time, be creative and have fun!

Here’s a Video for Creating a She Shed for Under $500

She Shed Decorating Ideas

For the Artist… There are many different types of artists, whether you draw and paint or do ceramics and even quilting you can set up the inside of your shed so you have a quiet place to work on your creations.

For the Crafter… You can set up the inside of your shed so you can work on your crafts using shelving for your supplies, good source of lighting and a large sturdy work bench.

For the Reader… Many enjoy reading and you can add a real comfy chair and lots of bookshelves for your books. Also you may want to just sit and relax and listen to your favorite book or some interesting pod casts from well-known authors.

For the Fitness Minded… Another great idea is to use your shed as an exercise station or for a nice quiet place to do your Yoga. Lay some mats on the floor so you can do your routines or you can set up some exercise machines for your daily workouts. Check out my article 10 Woman Cave She Shed Interior Ideas That Rock! for more ideas.


Making your very own she shed getaway doesn’t have to cost a fortune and if you have an old shed to convert into your own space you’re on your way to hours of enjoyable quiet times. What a great way to getaway and have some me time.

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