10 Woman Cave She Shed Interior Ideas That Rock!

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There has been a lot of talk in recent years about man caves and she sheds. People seem more receptive to the fact that no matter how good a relationship may be, everyone needs time to themselves at times.

The thought that couples have to do everything together can be really harmful and stifling to a relationship. Many sitcoms have had plots involving a wife dragging her husband to the ballet or similar activity in which he has absolutely no interest, and he has to put up with it.

Every person has different likes and dislikes. Every person has activities their mate may not understand. Accepting these differences and allowing for them makes for a more solid relationship. Thus, the she shed.

10 Woman Cave She Shed Interior Ideas

1] Potting Shed. This is great for ladies who like to get their hands dirty. Often it’s necessary to start flowers or vegetables in seeding trays or small pots first before transplanting them into the garden. A potting shed provides protection to start the seedlings without fearing that they may be washed away.

It’s especially useful to start vegetables early before the actual planting season comes around. Shelving can not only hold supplies but also your starter trays. The seeds can get sun from a strategically placed window without being subject to hard rains or other problems.

2] Art studio. If you’re into painting, drawing, sculpture or pottery, a she shed is the perfect place. It provides a peaceful workplace while allowing you to store your supplies near your work and keeping them out of the way.

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It will also keep your work out of the way, so it doesn’t get damaged. Of course, plenty of windows is the way to go here. Not only do they provide natural light for your projects, but they allow you to keep an eye on the kids while you’re working.

3] Sewing room. If you’re really into sewing, a she shed may be just what you need. Let’s face it, quilting takes up a lot of space for all the cloth storage. You also need good table space to cut fabric properly for any kind of sewing. You won’t need to fight over the kitchen table when you have your sewing space in the she shed. It also provides great storage space to keep buttons and beads from being spilled and needles and thread spools from going AWOL.

4] Sunroom. A she shed can be outfitted with glass doors, large windows, and even translucent roofing panels to create that sunroom you’ve always wanted. It’s especially welcome on cold, winter days to provide a little natural warmth to bask in. Guess what, you can even string up a hammock in your shed.

5] Entertainment center. If you have the space, you can build a flagstone patio and put some outdoor seating and a small table for entertaining. If a sudden shower forces the party inside, you can have enough seating to provide for that too. If you really want to liven things up, an outdoor grill will make the party.

Of course, you can outfit your she shed with bar supplies. This does double duty by keeping liquor locked away in your shed and away from the kids. String up some outdoor lighting and you have a real party house.

6] Greenhouse. You can go farther than a potting shed by building a combination greenhouse and she shed. This way you can have fresh tomatoes and other vegetables during the winter while still providing some seating to let you catch your breath after a stressful day at work.

7] Shabby chic hideaway. Do you just fall in love with unusual pieces of furniture or decorations you may see at thrift stores or yard sales but know they will never look right in your home? With a she shed you can have just the place for them.

Indulge your love of odd lighting fixtures or pictures along with that odd chair that just doesn’t fit in your home. It’s a great place to display those souvenir pillows you’ve collected on trips, but which now sit hidden in a closet.

8] Tiny house. Tiny houses seem to be all the rage these days, judging from the number of television shows dedicated to them. Why not have one of your own? They are perfect for that drop-in relative that stops by on his way to visit while on the way to another place. It will give any guest privacy and peace away from the family while solving the “where’s he going to sleep?” problem.

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Should you need to take in a relative in the future, you already have the perfect solution. Of course, it’s also a great place to sneak a nap during the day. You can either plan it as strictly a sleeping spot or outfit it with the whole shebang, including dorm-sized kitchen appliances.

9] Farmhouse chic. You can finish the interior walls of your she shed with reclaimed barn or other woods. Comfy furniture is the way to go here. You can even put in a small pellet or wood heater for those cold mornings, giving you a peaceful place to have that first cup of coffee before the day begins.

10] A lofted she shed. If your shed includes a roof with a good pitch, you can make good use of that attic space by using it as a loft. You can put a bed space in the loft while saving your floor space for seating.

This gives you a two-for-one space, giving you a place for entertaining while also providing a place for a nap or overnight visitor, without having to rearrange anything. Of course, by finishing a loft you can also provide more storage if needed. Get more information in my article How to Make Your Very Own She Shed Getaway.

She Shed Interior Ideas on a Budget

Yard sales and thrift stores are wonderful places to pick up useful items that won’t stretch the budget. Used furniture stores and places like Goodwill often have furniture pieces that would be perfect in your she said. That unwanted odd piece may be just what you want.

Look out for older furniture that’s seen a lot of life. You can refinish it and bring it back to life or leave it a bit beat up and naturally distressed. An old dresser can be just what you need for storage. Of course, you can find all kinds of decorative items, curtains, pillows, small stands, or anything else.

Don’t rush to furnish your she shed. Instead, take your time. Just keep your eyes open for that occasional piece or item that just calls your name. Concentrate on getting really special items instead of trying to decorate and furnish the whole shed all at once.

How Can I Decorate My She Shed?

You can decorate it in any way that you like. Of course, if you plan to use it for a specific purpose, such as an art projects studio, you’ll want some shelving and perhaps cabinets to hold your supplies. You’ll want a workspace near a window for that natural light, and perhaps even a skylight. If you plan to do smaller work, such as jewelry making, you’ll need cabinets outfitted with drawers for your supplies.

If you plan to use it as a potting shed, you’ll want a large workbench or workspace. You may want a rack to hang your gardening tools. You’ll also want a floor covering that’s easy to keep clean. You can do much repotting without spilling at least a little dirt around. A pottery shed should also have a good, solid floor covering.

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Of course, you’ll want a few ladylike things, perhaps some soft curtains to catch the breeze, perhaps a comfy love seat or couch. Some people prefer to decorate there she shed as a home away from home, especially if they often have relatives coming to visit. When things get a little too hectic in the house, a getaway will really do the trick.

Can You Put a Bathroom in a She Shed?

Just as it’s possible to put a utility sink or other water fixture in any shed, it’s certainly possible to put at least a half bath in a she shed. Unless you live in a very rural area, you will need a permit to do this, and probably a building or plumbing inspector to sign off on the project. In fact, you should have a detailed plan or diagram to present to the building code authority. It will be necessary in case you need a permit.

The inspector will want to look at your premises and see just where you plan to dig. Of course, you’ll need to discover the location of any buried utilities, such as natural gas or other plumbing lines. This inspector can help you with information on the types of piping you’ll need and other facts so that you can get approval.

He’ll also need to inspect the finished work and sign off on it before you can turn on the faucet. A she shed with plumbing will be attractive to any potential buyers when it comes time to sell your home.

Of course, if you are starting from scratch and planning to build or buy a shed to start with, you’ll most likely need a permit anyway. It’s much better to find out just what regulations and restrictions may govern your project to begin with rather than face possible fines for mistakes later on.

If you live in an area governed by an HOA, you’ll need to get their approval as well. Some HOAs have restrictions on the placement of sheds or other outbuildings, requiring them to be built out of sight of the street. Some outlaw them altogether. Once you get every authority on board, it will be a big load off the project. Check out my article Can I Build a Shed Without Getting a Permit? for more information on permits.

Does a She Shed Add Value to a Home?

A she shed definitely can add value to a home. Many middle-aged couples find it necessary to take in an elderly parent these days. A she shed can be viewed as a mother-in-law cottage when you’re ready to sell. Since the parent many times is a widowed mother, a shed decorated and outfitted for a female will be a definite selling point.

What is a Good Size for a She Shed?

It depends on how you plan to use the she shed. If it is to be used for an outdoor artist’s studio, you’ll need room for shelving for paints or other art materials. If it is to be used simply as a getaway, you’ll need to plan to have enough room for a little furniture. Adding a bathroom will take up some space as well.

A good plan, especially if you envision having furniture in the shed, is to draw out a grid diagram and cut out squares and rectangles in the proper ratio to see just how everything will fit into your shed. This will give you a good idea of how much room you’ll need to fit the furniture comfortably and still have room to move around without bumping into anything or having to slither around the furniture.

You can use an 8 x 12 size shed as a basic she shed, but many sources advocate a 12 x 12. Of course, if you plan to use the shed as a girl time gathering place, you’ll need plenty of room for seating. You may want to go to a 12 x 16 sized shed.

While estimating your space, don’t forget to plan for the placement of windows and a door. You’ll need a lot of natural light for art projects. You’ll also need to make sure you have a door large enough to get your furniture through without too much trouble.

Can I Build My Own She Shed?

Of course, you can build your own she shed to suit. In addition, there are many shed kits and even tiny house kits which make the assembly easier. These often include loft space, which is a plus.

You’ll need to go through the permit and approval process as you would with building a shed from scratch. It would be a good idea to check with your insurance agent as well. You’ll want the she shed included on your homeowner’s policy, especially if you plan to run any utilities to it. Even if you buy a pre-built shed, you’ll most likely need to meet the requirements for a foundation.

If you don’t want to build from scratch, it would be good to just check out the kits available as well as the pre-built models. A kit will come with everything you need as well as detailed instructions. Include the older kids in on the building project and make it a family thing. They’ll better respect a building they had a hand in putting up. Having a good set of plans will make the build easy and much less costly, Check out Ryan’s Shed Plans for more information.


Basically, a she shed can be put to any purpose you need. It’s the perfect place to display your own decorating tastes and styles in interior ideas. You can use those frilly curtains your husband hates and the wicker furniture your kids beat up too much. Your creative talents can run free here, especially if you have always hankered to try your hand at painting or pottery. A she shed is the perfect place to make your own, whatever you plan for it.

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