How to Properly Store an Electric Lawn Mower?

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Electric lawnmowers are becoming more popular, especially with homeowners who don’t have a large yard to care for. With the growing popularity of electric cars, people are considering electric power for other machines and power tools.

Storing an electric lawn mower for the winter doesn’t take much effort, but you do need to take care of a few things to keep your mower operating properly. Be sure to unplug the mower before checking it or doing any maintenance. Coil the cord or reel it in your mower is equipped with an onboard reel for the cord.

It’s important to keep the coil out of reach of any rodents that might come by, as they will chew through cords. If you have a grass-catching bag, remove it and clean it out. Clean the mower with a dry rag, watching for any clippings or dirt caught in the upper part of the mower.

Tip the mower on its side to check out the bottom. Clean off any grass clumps from the under part of the deck and the grass catcher opening with a wooden stick. Check around other parts such as the axles and driveshaft for any grass clippings or small clumps lodged there. To fold the handle for storage, loosen the knobs in the middle of the handle shafts, enabling the handle to fold over the mower.

How Do You Store a Cordless Lawn Mower?

With the folding handles most of these mowers have, they can be stored under a workbench in your garage or under a shelving unit. If you don’t have a shed or enclosed garage, however, pick a spot near your house that will at least help to keep it out of the rain. Put it up on bricks or other such material to keep the mower raised off the ground.

This will help keep it dry by allowing air circulation underneath. You don’t want moisture to condense on the underside of the mower and stay there. Keep a tarp over it but don’t wrap it all the way around, lest you trap in moisture.

If you happen to have a battery-powered riding mower, it also should be kept in a shed or garage if possible. If you can’t and have to store it outside, propping it up with a few bricks under the frame should create enough airflow underneath to keep moisture from condensing under the mower deck. It will also take the strain off the tires. Standing in one spot all winter can cause flat spots in the tires, or worse, lead to cracks if the tires are underinflated.

If you do have to store it outside, it would be best to bring the battery inside. Keep it connected to a charger unless your particular manufacturer specifies other instructions. This will protect the battery from the weather and also deter thieves.

Can You Store an Electric Lawn Mower Vertically?

It may seem like a good idea to save space to store an electric mower vertically. You don’t have the potential problem of fuel or oil leaking from the mower. However, some manufacturers of these mowers recommend against storing them vertically. Since the mowers don’t take up much space, especially with the folding handle, this shouldn’t be a big issue.

How to Store a Cordless Lawn Mower Battery?

Some sources state that you should leave a battery on the charger all winter, others urge the opposite. If you have doubts about your mower battery, the manufacturer’s instructions should contain some information about this. If not, they usually provide a phone number for questions.

The most common advice is to fully charge your battery before putting the mower away for the winter. If your mower is stored in a shed and your typical winter temperature is below 40F for much of the time, disconnect the battery from the charger until you use it again in spring. The battery will do fine in the cold temperature, but it will need to be charged fully before you use the mower.

If your winter temperatures stay above 40F, leave the battery connected to the charger with the charger connected to electricity. If you keep the mower in a shed that has electricity, you can leave the battery in the shed as well. Whatever your temperatures or storage situation, you can bring the battery inside and leave it connected to a charger all winter.

All electric lawnmowers, whether corded or battery-operated, should be stored indoors if possible. A dry, protected place such as a storage shed or garage is best. Be sure to keep it away from gas cans and such appliances as the furnace or water heater. Keeping it in a dry location is important. Leaving it outside is an invitation for theft, as most models are small enough for a person to carry.

How Large a Yard Can a Battery-Powered Mower Handle?

This depends on the mower you have and the battery it has. Usually, a person can mow a half-acre yard on one battery charge. Most batteries are designed to last about one hour per charge, so this varies with the complexity of your lawn. If you have to do a lot of maneuvering around shrubs and other plantings, your production as far as the area you can cover will be lessened.

If you can just breeze through back and forth, you’ll be able to get more area done on a charge. When considering a battery-powered mower, be sure to check the battery life of the models you look at. Some have batteries with a high capacity that runs up to 1-1/2 hours per charge.


Preparing and storing an electric lawn mower for the winter is just like preparing any other machine in that certain things need to be done. You need to make sure it’s clean top and bottom so that dirt or small chunks of grass clippings aren’t sticking somewhere and absorbing moisture. Keep the cord coiled or reeled in neatly to keep it away from rodents. Store the battery inside on a charger or according to manufacturers’ recommendations. Keep it protected. Take care of your mower and you’ll have a nice, quiet mowing season next year.

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